Mediation / Arbitration

mediation-pictureMediation is an informal alternative to litigation. Mediators are trained in negotiations and bring opposing parties together to attempt to work out a settlement or agreement that both parties can accept or reject. Mediation is used for a wide gamut of case-types ranging from automobile accident and medical negligence cases to family law disputes and disputes between investors and their stock brokers.

Arbitration is a simplified version of a trial involving limited discovery and simplified rules of evidence. The arbitration is headed and decided by an arbitral panel. To comprise a panel, either both sides agree on one arbitrator, or each side selects on arbitrator and the two arbitrators elect the third.

Arbitration hearings usually last between a few days to a week, and the panel only meets a few hours per day.The panel then deliberates and issues a written decision, or arbitral award. Opinions are not public record.

Attorney Bell is a neutral panelist with Carolina Dispute Settlement Services in Raleigh, NC.

Litigation can be costly and time-consuming, and the results can be uncertain. Mediation and arbitration often give positive results while reducing the cost and uncertainty of full litigation.

Asa L. Bell, Jr., a Certified Superior Court Mediator in North Carolina, has a comprehensive understanding of the mediation process and has successfully helped parties resolve hundreds of very difficult disputes.